Web Developer

I’m Salim Allawzi… I’m a Web Developer based in Washington D.C., United States. I have a passion for web develop/design and love to create websites to help Companies/Individuals create their Digital ID.

7 Years ago, I’ve launched my own Blog, before I became a WordPress Developer. I like to keep it simple. I focus on content and conveying the message that you want to send, I know how to create your website to run across devices using the latest technologies available.

4 Years ago, I’ve started developing websites, I’ve created multiple websites for organizations, companies and individuals. I helped them to convey their goals/messages.

In 2018 I got accepted to the Grow with Google Challenge Scholarship to the Front-End Developer program.

I’m also very good in Design (Adobe Photoshop) and Video editing (Adobe Premiere, Avid), I’ve created 100+ Digital infographic videos.

Here’s a selection of some recent work, If you  my profile, Hire Me Now!